More details about LAMM

LAMM account is a trading account managed by a professional trader (Manager). The Manager trades by own funds on his personal account, the history of his transactions is reflected in the rating of the Managers. Every investor interested in profit can connect his account to the account of the Manager. After that, the investor's account will automatically copy all the transactions of the Manager, and the Investor will receive profits commensurate with the Manager's profits.

In this case, the investor can track the actions of the manager in real time.

Benefits of LAMM Accounts
Funds are not transferred to manager account but remain on investor account
An investor temself control the risk by setting copy ratio.
You can cancel investment anytime.
A manger set reward on his own – percent of yield of a deal
For invester

If you are a beginner, but want to make money on forex along with successful traders, then we suggest you to invest in a LAMM account. LAMM account is a unique investment service, which is based on copying transactions of successful traders. You do not need to trade yourself, all the work for you will be done by traders.

How to become an investor?

Log into
in the rating
Connect account
Add funds to account
and track
deals of the manager
For manager

If you are a successful trader and want to earn even more on your profitable deals, then become a LAMM Account Manager. LAMM accounts are a new generation of PAMM accounts created to increase profit opportunities and reduce risks. The essence of the service is simple - you become the Manager and gettig rewards for the possibility of other traders copying your transactions. Your account will be displayed in the rating and will be available for copying.

How to become a manager?

Log into
Open new or
select an account
Click «Become
a Manager»
Check request status in
«To investor»